About The Tactical Annals

The Tactical Annals is almost entirely dedicated to the Football Manager series of PC games.I have played Football Manager for most of my life now – since I was about 12 – and as time has passed, I have improved and focused more and more on the tactical aspect of the game, to the point now where it is my main reason for playing the game every single year. This blog mirrors my interests, and focuses on my saves, looking at specific areas of that save, be it tactics, squad building or analytics. I have always enjoyed finding different ways of playing the game, be that playing defensive football, playing strikerless, or developing the Central Winger role, which you will now know better in game as the Mezzala role.

I have been writing about Football Manager for quite a while at this point, and some of my older articles – that have also been copied onto this blog – are also available over at ‘Strikerless’, a simply brilliant blog ran by my good friend (and part-time Bond villain) @MerryGuido that I highly recommend to any FM player interested in tactics, particularly those of a strikerless variety. For any other recommendations, check out the ‘blogs I follow’ section of the sidebar on this blog or ask me on Twitter. All of the Football Manager or football blogs I follow are top quality blogs, and are well worth a read. I will also happily take recommendations of reasding material, as I have less time now to read other FM blogs than I did when this blog began back in around 2014/15.

This blog is not based around tactic downloads – which I do provide every now and then after a considerable amount of testing – but is rather intended to provide inspiration and ideas for others to incorporate into their own tactics and saves. However, I am always more than willing to give advice on tactics and help build and develop ideas. Twitter is probably the best place to reach me for this advice. Furthermore, The Tactical Annals has been an official member of the old Sports Interactive Affiliate Scheme for blogs, YouTube accounts and websites etc. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to ask. I have also written for Sports Interactive, the makers of Football Manager, specifically on the Mezzala role, which is a role I know inside out through years of developing it as the Central Winger.

I also periodically write articles on real life football. These articles are on various different topics, both tactical and historical. My specialist topics are Eastern European football and – weirdly – Liverpool. These articles are available on the fantastic site These Football Times. I welcome any feedback on these articles, and hope you enjoy reading them. There are plenty of fantastic (and varied) articles on TFT and the site is well worth looking at.

What’s more, if you have any questions about me, football, or Football Manager, I’m always available on Twitter (@JLAspey) and will answer any questions I can. I hope you enjoy reading the articles I post here, and thank you for the support that this blog has always enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “About The Tactical Annals

    1. If you go onto the Newcastle update for the end of the first season, I included a download link at the end of the post. It’s a 4-4-1-1 at that point, it worked much better.

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