Como lo estamos Haciendo?


Right, we’re partway into the league season, so it’s time to do a brief update on how we’re getting on. These results updates will happen at certain points of the season, because I really don’t want results to be the absolute focus of this save. Of course I’m looking to eventually gain promotion to La Liga, but I want to explore certain parts of the game that I’ve avoided for years (such as training or player development) or simply not had time to really involve in my saves. A tactical post is coming soon outlining my tactical approach for this save, but for now, here’s how we’re getting on in terms of results.


At the end of September, we sit 12th in the Segunda B. As you can see, we are making an absolute living off draws at the moment, with one win, six draws and a loss. It’s hardly an incredible start, but this season is all about avoiding relegation, and beginning to set the club up for seasons to come. Our tactical approach I believe will help us with this long term, but I’ll be discussing that next time. We’ve had a somewhat difficult start to the season in terms of fixtures, playing several of the teams predicted to finish towards the top of the table such as Hércules and Lleida, but we’ve also played some of the bottom teams, and I would have liked to have picked up more points from those games.


Clearly, goal scoring is one of our issues, since so far this season we’ve created 12 CCC’s, but only converted 4. Conversely, we’ve conceded 5 CCC’s and let in 2 of those. This would suggest that tactically we’re ok, we just need to put away the chances we get, and this is likely a player quality/form issue. It would also suggest that I should focus on improving my attack, but I’ll discuss finances down the line. 5 of the league goals we have let in have also been from either free kicks or corners, so that will definitely be something to focus on, as there’s been a few occassions where we’ve let in stupid goals from set pieces. Either way, that sums up how our results are at the moment, I’ll be back next time with a tactical update, looking at the approach and tactical ethos that I intend to stick with throughout this save. Until then, thank you again for reading and I hope you’re enjoying this new format of writing I’m trying. If you have any any questions about my ideas for Cornellà moving forward, please feel free to comment either in the comments section or on Twitter (@JLAspey), thank you again.

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