I’m Going on an Adventure…


Welcome to a new save on this website and one that will be in an entirely new format. This save is going to follow almost a ‘forum’ format. Posts for this save will be relatively short, and each one will focus on a specific aspect of the save. Some will purely be about results and performances, some will be about tactics, some will look at player development, and some will focus on the bigger picture of the club itself. My aim with this is to plain and simply produce more content for the blog, in a way that I can document a save, and really delve deeply into what I’m actually doing. So, what am I actually doing?

Well, I’m off to Spain – a country I’ve not managed in since Eibar in FM15 – and the lowest playable league on FM20, the Segunda Division B – Group III exactly, with UE Cornellà. I’ve also brought in a manager from years back, Pere Busquets who played for me in my much loved Bayer Leverkusen save in FM15. Busquets was signed on the cheap from Real Madrid, and went on to be the utility player of dreams, playing central midfield and both full back positions. At the young age of 32, he now finds himself as manager of Cornellà. There are a lot of specific changes I’ll be making about my approach to the game with this save, from tactics to how I develop the club itself. Another important one is that I’m going to be playing with attribute bars rather than values, in order to give an extra level of challenge to the save, meaning I have to focus on scout reports, performances and statistics in order to find the value of players.

medina stats

For an example, here is the profile page of my ‘key player’, right back Agus Medina on loan from Birmingham. Now I’ll go much more in depth regarding Medina and the players themselves in a later post but this gives you example of what you’ll see with players in this save. The colours relate to:

  • 0 to 4 = white
  • 5 to 9 = light green
  • 10 to 14 = deeper green
  • 15 to 20 = yellow/gold

Again, there will be much more on this moving forward (I also can’t take credit for it as Ben on the SI forum and Shrewnaldo on the FM Now forum have both used this approach in their writing), but it’s something I wanted to give you an idea of to begin with. I’ll also be going much more in depth with who Cornellà are as a club, the area of Spain they’re from and how this will impact my outlook on the save in a coming post. Hopefully this gives you a little insight into what I’m doing, and this is a new format I really want to try out to do something fresh on this blog and give readers more variety and avoid the boring and bland results, signings, tactics blog posts. I’ll be back soon, and thank you as always for reading. If you have any questions about Cornellà, FM20 or Spanish football, please feel free to comment either in the comments section or on Twitter (@JLAspey), thank you again.

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